A Good Start

I’ve always been wanting to write and document my thoughts and journey. It took me forever to start as I always doubt whether can I write well, create good content or make it interesting.

The perfectionist side of me has to make sure I’ve everything prepared before I start typing like research topics, look for the right platform, page design and even watch tons of videos about how others started writing.

This becomes my biggest reason for procrastination.

Then I realised I just need to start, whether a draft or note on phone, to start to create then only to improve.

So here I am.

I want to start writing for at least one article per week.

It can be random thought sharing or a deep research topic.

It can be long or short.

It can be compact or with a lot of space in between.

It’s all up to me.

My writing purposes are to:

  • Document my journey and reflection to provide learnings

Something about myself:

I’m 28 years old (2022) working as a Strategy & Planning Manager of the advertising business in a ride-hailing company, based in Singapore.

I’ll start documenting my journey while learning along the way how to brush up my writing skill. There are a few topics for my current life stage:

I’m in the stage of career development in a non-tech role in a tech company, aim to transition to a tech role: product manager. I can start with:

  • Strategy planning

I’m in the stage of wealth building with my full-time income and looking to create multiple streams. Things that I’m working on or keen to start are

  • Financial planning & tracking

I’ve some hobbies or habits I start building:

  • Writing / Journalling


I didn’t realise that I’ve more than 20 topics I can start with until listed them out. A good start!

See you next time.




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